SkyGazer_Exercise4 - Voyager Sky Gazer: Transits of Planets...

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Voyager Sky Gazer: Transits of Planets Print out this sheet and follow the instructions, filling in answers on the sheet as you go. When you are done, log onto the course web site at and type the answers you have written down into the Exercise 4 form in the Lessons area on Angel. This week you have been exploring how we know the distance to the Sun. Astronomers first determined that distance by measuring the parallax of Venus from different locations on Earth as Venus transited across the face of the Sun in 1761. In this Sky Gazer exercise, you will observe the most recent transit of Venus and the next transit of Mercury. The instructions assume that you already know how to set your location on Earth and set the time from doing Exercise 1, how to adjust your viewpoint in Sky Gazer from doing Exercise 2, and how to step through time from Exercise 3. 1. Set your location to Lansing. 2. Set the time to noon (12:00:00 PM) on September 15, 2008. 3. Change to Sky Atlas view. Go to the “Chart” menu, move down to “Sky View …” and select “Star Atlas – Equatorial Coordinates” from the submenu. 4. Center the Sun and lock it in place. You should center the Sun in the window by going to the “Center” menu. Move your mouse down the menu to the “Planet” item and select “Sun” from the submenu that appears. Click on the Sun so that the
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SkyGazer_Exercise4 - Voyager Sky Gazer: Transits of Planets...

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