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Voyager Sky Gazer: Jupiter’s Major Moons Print out this sheet and follow the instructions, filling in answers on the sheet as you go. When you are done, log onto the course web site at and type the answers you have written down into the Exercise 6 form in the Lessons area on Angel. In your most recent lab, you used orbital information on Earth’s moon to determine how the force of gravity depends on distance. Because the force of gravity also depends on mass, you can also use orbital information to measure the mass of an object. In this Sky Gazer activity, you will do some virtual observations of Jupiter’s four major moons that will help you determine how massive the planet Jupiter is compared to Earth. 1. Set your location to Lansing. 2. Set the time to 6 AM on October 2, 2008. 3. Center on Jupiter. Go to the “Center” menu. Move your mouse down the menu to the “Planet” item. Select “Jupiter.” 4. Where is Jupiter in the sky? Describe Jupiter’s locat ion in the sky in the space below, stating its direction in the sky (e.g., South) and where it is relative to the horizon. 5. Lock Jupiter in place. Click on the Jupiter so that its information box appears in your window and click on the “Lock” butt on in the information box. Then go to the “Chart” menu, move down to “Sky View” and select “Star Atlas - Equatorial Coordinates.” Depending on which version of Sky Gazer you have, you might also need to turn off the “Natural Sky” in the “Display” menu. 6.
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SkyGazer_Exercise6 - Voyager Sky Gazer: Jupiters Major...

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