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Voyager Sky Gazer: Stars with Planets Print out this sheet and follow the instructions, filling in answers on the sheet as you go. When you are done, log onto the course web site at and type the answers you have written down into the Exercise 7 form in the Lessons area on Angel. This past week in class, we have been looking at velocity data on four different stars to see which ones have planets around them. You probably found that three of the four stars clearly had planets, the ones named HD 121504, HD 192263, and HD 195019. In this Sky Gazer exercise, you will be figuring out where these stars are in the sky and which ones can be observed from Lansing. You will also be getting some practice with sky coordinates, which you will be using later in your computer labs. 1. Open the Exoplanet catalog. Before working with Sky Gazer, you will need to determine the sky coordinates of these stars. Open an Internet browser and go the following web site: . Once you are there, click on the “Interactive Catalog” link. 2. How many planets have been detected around other stars as of today? Next to the line “All Candidates detected” is a number of planets. Write that number here: 3. Go to the subcatalog of planets detected by measuring the “wobble” of a star’s velocity. Click on the “Candidates detected by radial velocity or astrometry” link in the Exoplanet catalog. 4.
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SkyGazer_Exoplanets_SG4 - Voyager Sky Gazer: Stars with...

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