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Voyager Sky Gazer: Galaxies and Hubble’s Law Print out this sheet and follow the instructions, filling in answers on the sheet as you go. When you are done, log onto the course web site at and type the answers you have written down into the Exercise 10 form in the Lessons area on Angel. This week’s Sky Gazer exercise is designed to introduce you to Hubble’s Law, which you will be using to determine the age of the universe in the next lab. You have probably learned about Hubble’s Law in the ISP 205 lecture course. It is a relationship between a galaxy’s distance and its velocity away from us that can be expressed with the following equation: Velocity = H 0 x Distance The quantity H 0 is known as Hubble’s constant. You can see from this equation that galaxies with larger distances are moving away from us at greater velocities. This relationship tells us that the entire universe is expanding. For more information about Hubble’s Law and its implications, see your ISP 205 textbook. In this Sky Gazer exercise you will observe Hubble’s Law for yourself by gathering velocity and data information on several galaxies using the Sky Gazer software. Doing that will help prepare you for this week’s lab, in which you will be observing the spectra of some galaxies, determining the velocities of those galaxies from their redshifts, and using that information to measure the age of the universe. 1. Set up Sky Gazer in Star Atlas Coordinates. Go to the “Chart” menu, move down to “Sky View,” and select “Star Atlas – Equatorial Coordinates.” 2. Turn on the constellations. Go to the “Display” menu, move down to “Constellations,” and select “Show All.” Then go to the “Display” menu again and make sure that “Show Modern Outlines,” “Show Official Boundaries,” and “All” are all selected so that both the constellation outlines and boundaries are
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SkyGazer_Galaxies_SG4 - Voyager Sky Gazer Galaxies and...

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