Academic Research Integrity - 20 AUGUST 2010 VOL 329...

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Unformatted text preview: 20 AUGUST 2010 VOL 329 SCIENCE 890 NEWS OF THE WEEK CREDIT: © RICK FRIEDMAN From the Science Policy Blog Postdocs at the University of California (UC) have voted to adopt a 5-year contract that would raise their pay by between 1.5% and 3% this fall and give them new pro- tections. The UC system’s 6500 postdocs represent roughly 10% of all U.S. postdocs. The National Science Foundation’s govern- ing body, the National Science Board, is exploring whether the foundation ought to be more receptive to large, out-of-the- box research proposals not solicited by its staff members. The new study will look at proposals larger than the traditional award size to investigators but smaller than major facilities. A fl awed satellite sensor set to fl y late next year may be able to record ocean color , Science Insider has learned. The sensor, VIIRS, was to fl y on the NPOESS Prepara- tory Project mission next year, but in 2008 offi cials decided not to fi x a fl aw preventing accurate measurements. New tests by gov- ernment engineers, however, suggest that the problem was less severe than thought. The European Space Agency has published a road map of favored space missions for physics between 2015 and 2025. The pro- gram includes efforts to test the fundamen- tal laws of physics, fi nd gravitational waves, and obtain antimatter. The H1N1 pandemic that started in the spring of 2009 is now offi cially over, the World Health Organization declared. Sci- entists believe the real toll is much higher than the 18,500 confi rmed deaths. Nobelist Roald Hoffmann has called for a boycott of an upcoming Eurasian chem- istry conference in Jordan because he suspects that organizers have deliberately excluded Israeli speakers. Organizers say that’s not the case and that it’s too late to reshuffl e the lineup of speakers. For more science policy news, visit . The Boston Globe dropped a bombshell last week when it reported that Harvard University cognitive scientist Marc Hauser was on leave following an investigation of his research by the university. Hauser is a popular teacher, successful author, and lead- ing researcher on animal cognition. In work spanning 3 decades, he has produced notable insights into the richness and complexity of primate cognition that have helped erode notions of human uniqueness. More recently, his work on the evolutionary roots of moral- ity, along with his writing and public speak- ing on the topic, have earned him something close to celebrity status....
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Academic Research Integrity - 20 AUGUST 2010 VOL 329...

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