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The instructional philosophy or philosophies that I would incorporate into my classroom environment would be a behaviorist and a constructivist approach. In today’s classroom you have to be able to go from one to the other with all the different types of students that we as teachers will deal with year in and year out. The reason behind me wanting to use both is because I know that I will have a class or a few students that I will have to use the behaviorism approach with in order to have a productive learning environment for the students that are on the constructivist approach. Both of these approaches embody my personal philosophy on education.
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Unformatted text preview: I think a teacher has to be realistic when talking about philosophy in the classroom because there are going to be good students and students with behavior problems in every class. There is a need to have two different philosophies in a classroom because of the fact of not knowing what type of students you are going to get. The behaviorist approach will allow me to control the class to ensure there is a productive learning environment for the students. As for the constructivist approach, that will give the students the students the freedom to learn amongst themselves and to be challenged a little more without me doing all of the teaching....
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