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The written purpose of the 14 th Amendment was to protect all freedmen from abrogation of his rights from the Southern states. The amendment was in place mainly to protect the African American that had been made a citizen and forced the Federal Government to be held responsible for anything that may have happened to him. The affect it had on African Americans, is that it gave them all the rights that white Americans had. Freed blacks had the right to “life, liberty or property, without due process of law” just like every other free American. The “Freedman’s Bureau” was setup after the Civil War to help freed slaves. To many people’s surprise, the bureau was proposed by congress. Food, education, shelter, clothing and work are some of the things that were provide to the freed African Americans. There were some destitute
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Unformatted text preview: whites that received these services as well. Some of the positive effects that this program had on African Americans were that it provided them with opportunities that they might not have received if they had still been slaves. For example, they had Social Services, health care, resettlement, etc. The negative that was created by the Bureau was the freedmen had no land of their own. When the program gave them 850,000 acres of land, the president at the time took the land back and gave it to the Confederate land owners. When this took place, the men had to work on plantations and this created the problems of sharecropping and tenant farming for the freed African Americans....
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