City Culture Checkpoint Week 4

City Culture Checkpoint Week 4 - was chaotic and there was...

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With all the people from different cultures moving into the new cities, this changed the social, economic and political front in the cities. The social aspect changed due to the different cultures having to learn how to interact with each other. Economics were affected because jobs were created and the competitions for jobs were more intense with the general public. The political front changed when more people moved into the cities and there became a need for control amongst all the people. With many different people in the cities with no government, the city
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Unformatted text preview: was chaotic and there was no structure to the city. Politics were needed amongst the bosses as well as the people. These changes had a resounding affect on the country as a whole. The economic and social growth throughout the nation caused the political front to change from the west coast to the east coast. With many different cultures migrating to different parts of the United States from other countries, this made politics more important all over America to control chaos, jobs, economics etc....
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