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At Risk Students AED 201 - At-Risk Students 1...

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At-Risk Students 1 Characteristics of At-Risk Students That Deal With Poverty Characteristics of At-Risk Students AED/201 University of Phoenix Online Dr. Denise Pridemore October 25, 2009
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At-Risk Students 2 The category of at-risk students that I chose to give a description on in my district is the students that have to deal with poverty. There will also be a description on how my school and school district handles and helps students that are in this particular situation. Poverty can be defined as a person or family that does not have things that include the basic human needs. Some of those needs include health care, shelter, clothing, clean water and nutrition. People do not have these things because they cannot afford them not because they do not want these things. Poverty is a serious issue in school districts all over the country and has an effect on student’s education and their social lives. I will explain the many different ways we as educators help the students deal with this problem.
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