Mentoring vs Induction AED 201 Week 8

Mentoring vs Induction AED 201 Week 8 - Mentoring vs...

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Mentoring vs. Induction 1 Mentoring vs. Induction Programs Programs That Help Teachers Stay in the Profession AED/201 University of Phoenix Online Dr. Denise Pridemore November 22, 2009
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Mentoring vs. Induction 2 Many educators leave the education profession after their first year in the teaching field. This paper will discuss two different programs and how they encourage and help teachers to stay in the profession for a longer period of time. Mentoring and induction programs are the two types of programs that are in place to help with the attrition rate, that is taking place with first year educators. First year teachers have many problems that they deal with that they are not use too and these programs are designed to combat those problems. Many of the problems that first year teachers may have range from lesson plans, isolation, emotional support, etc. The biggest problem that first year educators may have is the confidence to do their job, and the mentoring and induction programs help deal with that and other problems. Many people do not know what the mentoring or induction program for educators may be. Guidance and support are provided by the experienced teachers to first year educators that are in the mentoring program. The induction program provides the first year educator with sustained and systematic assistance to help with the transition in to the teaching profession. Some think that both programs serve the same purpose, but there is a difference in the two. With the mentoring aspect, someone with more experience in the teaching profession is assigned to the
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Mentoring vs Induction AED 201 Week 8 - Mentoring vs...

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