Teaching TIps AED 201 - is ours as the educators or the...

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Teaching Tips 1 Time Management Teaching Tips for Secondary Education Teaching Tips AED/201 University of Phoenix Online Wilese Pridemore October 8, 2009
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Teaching Tips 2 This is a brief description of three time management teaching tips for Special Education at the secondary education level. The first time management tip is to set goals and priorities for yourself and the classroom according to TC Bear (2008). Bear also, states that you should rank your goals by priority and to make your goals visible so you can see them every day and are a reminder to you. This goal is very important because it gives an aiming point or something to try and achieve as an educator. Another goal that Bear mentions the importance of is to make your minutes and seconds count. Bear wants us as prospective teachers to realize that every second and minute counts in the education profession. We should not be wasting time, whether the time
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Unformatted text preview: is ours as the educators or the students. The final tip that Bear reveals to help with time management, is to keep the classroom organized. Organization in the classroom is a big part of a teachers success in my opinion. I have seen both sides where one teacher is organized and the other is not, and the difference in the productivity of the two educators is amazing. Having everything in your class organized and in order saves more time and frustration than you could ever imagine. These three tips will have a positive effect on my daily schedule as an educator. They will give me the opportunity to get the most out of my day, myself and my students. Teaching Tips 3 Reference List TC Bear. (2008). Retrieved October 8, 2009. from the teacher created tips website: http://www.teachercreated.com/blog/?tag=time-management-tips...
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Teaching TIps AED 201 - is ours as the educators or the...

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