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The sinking of the ship “Lusitania” Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Quest for World Peace Many Americans were opposed to World War I because of their ties to Germany and the submarine issue. In order to get to Europe, travel was by sea and the Germans were using submarines or U-boats to sink ships. This caused many Americans to want to stay out of World War I. During this time, many Americans were from Germany and did not want to choose sides when fighting in this war. When the Germans sank the ship “Lusitania” that was carrying 128 American passengers, Americans became irate and felt the need to become involved in World War I. The President also wanted world peace and he and his advisors figured the best way to obtain this was to get involved in the war. Another reason for the involvement in the war was the idea of large profits. J.P. Morgan and Company loaned money to a French firm that would allow the French to buy American goods. Military Service War work Volunteers
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Unformatted text preview: The Federal Governments strategy to unite Americans was a good one. We were in need of more soldiers if we were going to get involved into the war. At first many Americans were against military service. With the government’s explanation of the benefits of being a soldier ranging from pay, learning of skills, women being allowed the similar opportunities, etc., this made Americans want to participate. When the government made this decision it hurt society, with blacks and whites not getting along in the training camps. There were cases where blacks were killing whites due to the Jim Crow Law and that hurt society. This decision later became a benefit to society when whites and blacks learned to work together. It also was a benefit when both races were very productive in the war and won many battles. With the government having all races in the military during this time period and allowing them to work together, it has made for a better society in today’s world....
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