Alien and Sedition Acts American History

Alien and Sedition Acts American History - government did...

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Text Questions 1. Summarize all documents 3 main points. Alien Act of 1798 a)Every male age 14 and above must defend the country  b)Removal of all Aliens not residing in the US c)Aliens to be apprehended and presented by the court and removed from the country. Sedition Act a)Conspiring against the government? You will be arrested and charged $5,000. b)Any person who writes, speaks, published to overthrow the government will be  charged $2,000 and sent to jail. c)Everyone will have equal trial to be able to defend their case. 2. Kentucky   and   Virginia   resolutions   responded   to   the   Alien   and   Sedition   Acts   by  opposing   both.   Resolutions   attacked   the   Sedition   Acts,   describing   that   they   (the  government) extended their powers over individuals inside the states. The federal 
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Unformatted text preview: government did not have the right to exercise powers not specifically delegated to it. 3. Personally, I have issue now-a-days with 'Aliens' in our country taking jobs. But if these 'Aliens' decided to overthrow the government then nothing would matter. I would be okay with the Alien Act. Now for the Sedition Act. I do not agree, because people have the right to say what they wanted. Today people still have the right to do and say as they please. Just there are still limits because of terrorism. So, if someone was wanting to overthrow the government, talking about it, publishing it, starting riots. Then sure. But if it is to spread peace then sure, I would agree with that....
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