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CSB349L1 - CSB349 Lecture 1 Prof Vince Tropepe introduced...

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CSB349 Lecture 1 09/13/10 Prof. Vince Tropepe introduced the course, mentioning the forms of testing will be more likely to be short answer than MCQs. Classical genetics was discussed. In classical genetics, a gene is a unit of inheritance that transmits a single characteristic from parent to offspring and inheritance patterns occur in particular phenotypes. DNA is transferred via mRNA into proteins and proteins are responsible for the phenotypes that arise. In actual fact, the information that gives rise to proteins is not in one contiguous sequence, rather it is composed of introns and exons (exons make up 1% of the entire genome), there are repetitive sequences which are identifiers of individuality, disease, and evolution, and multiple gene products can arise from alternative splicing events or alternative promoters which regulate gene expression, resulting in a large number of potential proteins. As well, a sequence of DNA can overlap with another gene sequence in the same or opposite direction at the same locus resulting in different gene products. Natural antisense
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