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2. Origin of the Oceans Can you? Describe how the distance from the sun, the size, and the atmospheres of the two closest planets to Earth and Earth result in their different average temperatures. Describe the sequence of events that began with the Big Bang and ended with Earths oceans. Lecture Outline Comparison of the atmosphere/climate of 3 close planets (Venus, Earth, Mars) o Distance from Sun o Planet size o Atmospheric thickness and composition o Average planetary temperatures.
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Unformatted text preview: • Theory of the Big Bang o Proto-sun, Proto-Earth o Condensation of gases o Rocky planets vs gas giants • Homogenous Accretion o Planetary differentiation o Origin of the oceans Glossary Atmosphere Incoming radiation Planetesimal CO 2 Longwave radiation Proto–Earth Condensation Mantle Proto-planets Core Milky Way galaxy Proto-Sun Crust N 2 Solar system Density stratification O 2 Universe Greenhouse gas Outgassing...
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