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3. Continental Drift Can you? Explain the evidence for Continental Drift and why it was not accepted. Describe the new evidence found after WWII and how it helped form the theory of Plate Tectonics. Calculate sea floor spreading rates. Lecture Outline •a Wegener (1915) proposed Continental Drift hypothesis o Continental fit o Paleontology o Ice sheets (glacial evidence) Till Striations o Mountain ranges o Rock Formations •b New Evidence for Plate Tectonics since WWII (1950s) o Mid ocean ridges and deep sea trenches
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Unformatted text preview: o Evidence for sea floor spreading Magnetic anomalies • Calculating seafloor spreading rates Age of sea floor Hotspots o Earthquakes Glossary Alfred Wegener Continental Drift Glaciation/glacial Pangea Granite Basalt Mid-ocean ridges / rises Trenches Paleomagnetism Geomagnetic field Reverse magnetism Magnetic anomaly Normal polarity Reverse polarity Seafloor spreading Hot spots Sea mounts Tectonism Benioff zone Crustal slabs Subduction zones Plates Lithosphere Mid-ocean ridges...
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