Veronica Ridgley ocean article OCS

Veronica Ridgley ocean article OCS - 07:00 VeronicaRidgley

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07:00 Veronica Ridgley Ocean Acidification: Ocean in Trouble Carbon is being released in to our atmosphere at a rapid rate. The main consequence of the overproduction of this greenhouse gas is often recognized as global warming. The concept of global warming has introduced the generalized public to consequences of overproduction of greenhouse gases in the air; but global warming is not the only consequence. Ocean acidification is also a severe effect of carbon admittance. When atmospheric carbon dioxide dissolves in the ocean, the gas reacts with the water forming carbonic acid. Carbonic acid is a weak acid that is not generally dangerous; we drink carbonated water that contains carbonic acid. However, if enough of it accumulates in the oceans, it can have severe indirect effects. The carbonic acid is decreasing the pH of the ocean waters causing the ocean to become much more acidic. According to scientists, the oceans have become about 30 percent more acidic, from the start of the industrial revolution, due to human CO 2 emissions. Although, human beings would not easily recognize the increased acidity with just a glance or touch, many marine animals rely on the delicate pH balance of the oceans to survive. Scientists say that the oceans have acidified in the past, but the modern acidification is so rapid
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Veronica Ridgley ocean article OCS - 07:00 VeronicaRidgley

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