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INTRODUCTION TO OCEANOGRAPHY OCS 1005 Section 4 Fall 2010 T Th 12:10-1:30 204 Tureaud Instructor: Dr. Nan Walker ([email protected]) This course introduces you to the marine environment of the “blue” planet with the hope of broadening your understanding of our coastal and oceanic environments. Oceanography includes geological, physical, chemical and biological processes, not just marine biology! This course will cover the following main topics: ocean exploration, origin of the universe and earth, plate tectonics, sediments, seawater chemistry, atmospheric circulation, hurricanes, ocean circulation, tides, waves, coastal processes, coastal and ocean habitats and inhabitants, global climate change, and human uses of marine systems. Special topics to be covered include the “El Nino-Southern Oscillation Phenomenon", Louisiana’s wetland loss and hypoxia, coral reef systems, and marine pollution. CLASS ATTENDANCE IS ESSENTIAL as most of the test questions will come from class material rather than directly from the text. It has been proven that students that come to class get better grades! Whoever cannot comply with these requirements should drop.
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