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There are three different distinctive styles of parenting, and each type has a profound effect on the adult the child will grow up to be. No parent is perfect, but each thing a parent does shape a child’s personality. Essentially a when a child is born they are like an empty box. What you put in that box determines the person that child will be. Authoritative An adult, who was brought up in an authoritative household, may be quite disciplined and well mannered but lack compassion and warmth. The demand on the child for mature behavior would mostly likely take away for the person enjoying their childhood and learning to how laugh and play. I would also impair social development in an adult because he or she may feel the people are too immature to associate with. Authoritarian Someone who is raised with authoritarian parents would most likely be a well
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Unformatted text preview: rounded person. Authoritarian parents expect their children to adhere to strict guidelines of right and wrong. However, authoritarian parents explain to rule their children rather than command them. A person raised in this environment would be able to become a functioning adult because of a lifetime of both guidance and support on the part of their parents. Permissive A person raised with permissive parents could possibly end up being in serious trouble as an adult. Children of permissive parents lack structure and guidance. As a result the person could end up being sexually active at an early age resulting in unplanned pregnancy or STD’s. They could also find themselves in trouble with the law as an adult, resulting from not having clear guidelines as a child....
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