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week 8 checkpoint - therapists believe that negative...

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Biomedical Approach The Biomedical approach to therapy deals with using medical procedures to restore the chemical balance in the brain. In the past methods such as electroshock therapy and psycho-surgery were used to treat mental illness. Luckily today we rely on the use of medication to treat illness and chemical imbalances. The biomedical approach is most commonly use in conjunction with therapy session and group therapy. Psychodynamic Approach Psychodynamic psychology views behavior as a product of competing instincts needs and impulses. Based on the developments and theories of Sigmund Freud, psychodynamic therapies use methods such as free association and hypnosis the goal of this approach is to make the unconscious conscience by uncovering repressed memories, fears and desires. Cognitive / Behavioral Approach Cognitive therapies focus on changing a person’s beliefs, attitudes and ways of thinking. Cognitive
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Unformatted text preview: therapists believe that negative feeling and thinking are the underlying cause of conditions such as anxiety and depression. Cognitive therapy is often coupled with biomedical therapy to help treat patients. The goal is to change the patients way of thinking and behavior so the do not have to rely on medication for a long period of time. Humanistic/Existential Approach Humanistic therapies focus on using a patient’s own past experiences and values as a frame of reference to get in touch with their feelings. The goal of this form of therapy is to ultimately let the patient pursue their own goals without factoring in others people’s wishes. The Humanistic approaches are often used in counseling young adult to help them make major life decisions base on what is right for them as a individual....
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