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week 4 assignment - Psychology and health problems Kristin...

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Psychology and health problems Kristin Allen Axia College
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When we think of psychological ailments, we sometimes narrow our viewpoint about them. We tend to believe that something that affects us psychologically is limited to out mental health however as chapter 4 of out text covers that simply is not the case. Physical traumas can have psychological effect such as an attack on a person causing post traumatic stress disorder. The opposite is also true. Psychological problems can cause physical problems as well. Depression can cause headaches, loss of appetite, and in the case of panic disorders heart palpitations. Doctors can use the multi-functional model as a guide to figure out which element is affecting a person’s health either physical or psychological. The multi functional model is a very important tool in the diagnosing of illness. Each factor in the multi-functional model has direct affect on a person’s health for either better or worse. If it seems that a person it’s always sick, one can take a step back and examine the environmental, genetic, social and psychological factors in order to find out why. None of us are immune to every kind of harmful entity, whether it is biological or environmental something can always weaken our immune system. The opposite is also true. If someone has very little family history of illness, minimal stress in their life, a positive attitude, and a good healthy lifestyle, they may never get sick. The multi-factorial model helps doctors and psychologists to diagnose and treat illnesses by allowing the doctor to break down the causes of an individual patient’s illness. During the diagnoses period, the multi-factorial model is beneficial.
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