CHAPTER 8 FULL NOTES - CHEM 1A03 Intro Chemistry I What do...

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Department of Department of 1 Chemistry CHEM 1A03: Intro. Chemistry I Essential Elements: Chemistry, Life & Health Ch.8: Electrons in Atoms What do we understand about atoms? Mostly space • Nucleus • Electrons – Described by quantum mechanics, not traditional mechanics – Behave like particles and waves – Their movement has energy changes – Not at fixed distances/in fixed locations – Orbitals describe where they probably are – Quantum numbers describe orbitals Department of Department of 2 Chemistry © Department of 3 Chemistry Electromagnetic Spectrum (Fig. 8-3) c = ν λ E ∝ ν E 1/ λ © Department of Department of 4 Chemistry i-Clicker Question #1 Choose the TRUE statement: A. The wavelength of blue light is shorter than that of orange light. B. The frequency of red light is smaller than that of violet light. C. The energy of yellow light is smaller than that of blue light. D. All statements are true. © Department of 5 Chemistry Atomic spectra Discontinuous (Line) spectra of atoms ; few λ Atomic spectrum of H H 2 He Li salt Na salt K salt © Department of Department of 6 Chemistry Sun’s Emission Spectrum Sun (T = 6,000K) ©
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