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Bio 311C Oct 18 Read 25.1, pp. 516-517 in 25.3, pp. 566-567 in 27.4. Read 6.7: cell walls and cell-cell junctions Learning objectives: 3-1. How did conditions in the early earth and atmosphere differ from those today? 3-2. Briefly explain the Miller-Urey experiment; tell how it was significant in study of the origin of life. 3-3. What steps or events must have occurred in the early earth in chemical evolution steps? 3-4. Explain the weak bonding between molecules that cause proteins and lipids in water to spontaneously form cell-like aggregations. 3-5. ATP/ADP systems apparently evolved early in the history of life. Primitive systems that used simple organic molecules as fuels and produced ATP resemble what pathways that occur in cells today? 3-6. What evolutionary change in photosynthesis led to the “oxygen revolution”?
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Unformatted text preview: 3-7. What should be the properties of a molecule that carries the code for inheritance? 3-8. Biological evolution, instead of just chemical evolution, began with the origin of what molecules? 3-9. A nucleotide consists of what? Tell the differences between RNA and DNA nucleotides. 3-10. How are carbon atoms numbered in ribose & deoxyribose? Tell what 5’ (5 prime) and 3’ mean. 3-11.To what domains of life do these belong? Thermophile, Methanogen, Cyanobacteria, Streptococcus 3-12. Look at p. 557; tell the cell wall differences between Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. 3-13. Review the endosymbiosis hypothesis for origin of eukaryotic cells. What is serial endosymbiosis? 3-14. Plant cell walls are composed of what two major types of polysaccharides? 3-15. Compare and contrast their structure: plasmodesmata, tight junctions, desmosomes, gap junctions...
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