1 compare your numerical result against the exact

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Unformatted text preview: mpare your numerical result against the exact formula (problems like this with known answers are helpful in debugging a program and establishing confidence in your numerical methods). Provide evidence of individual work. 2) A large parallel plate capacitor is made using a thin Mylar film, with a thickness and a dielectric constant of . The Mylar film is slightly lossy, i.e. there are some free charges in the material. The plates have an area of A= 0.01 m2. A measurement of DC current versus applied voltage on the capacitor yields the curve shown below. Below 160 Volts, the current-versus-voltage is linear, passing through at 100 Volts. At an applied bias of 160 Volts, a huge current begins to flow, limited only by the external circuit. a. Find...
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