A find the breakdown field strength in the material b

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Unformatted text preview: the breakdown field strength in the material. b. Find the equivalent resistance of the structure below breakdown and the conductivity of the film. c. Find the capacitance of the structure below breakdown. d. What is the maximum energy storage capacity of this capacitor, if the voltage is restricted to 90% of the breakdown voltage? (continued on next page ….) Page 1 of 2 ECE 134 Introductory Field Theory Fall 2010 3) In circuit theory it is found that the 10%-90% rise-time in an RC charging circuit is , where is the RC time constant. Apply this result to estimate the time it takes for a certain wire of diameter and conductivity to reach thermal equilibrium when a DC current is passed through it. Recall that the heat capacity is where is the mass density of the wire, is the volume of the wire, is the specific heat capacity of the material. Assume co...
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