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ECE 134 Introductory Field Theory Fall 2010 Page 1 of 1 Reading Assignment: Cheng: Finish Chapter 6, Start Chapter 7 Cartoon Guide: Chapters 19-20 Homework #6 Due: Monday 8 November 2010 1) A long hollow conducting tube has an inside radius a and outside radius b . Using Ampere's law, find the magnetic field at all points in space, 0 r << , assuming the tube carries an current I (in the axial direction). Make a plot of the magnetic field as a function of distance from the center, B ( r ). 2) Do P.6-7 in Cheng (note: you can’t use Ampere’s law here. The supplementary notes on the course website treat this problem: you just need to use superposition to add up the fields of a collection of loops). 3) Do P.6-10 in Cheng. The strip is infinitely long.
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