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Homework3.10 - ECE 124d/256c Homework 3 Due Wed Jan 27 2010...

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ECE 124d/256c Homework 3 Due: Wed Jan. 27, 2010 Reading: Buffer Paper (on line) Problems: (Note, these problems are a bit deeper than previous ones -- start earlier to size them up and describe any simplifying assumptions you make.) 1. The repeater optimization proposed by Bakoglu was based on a simple model of a driver in which the output capacitance of the driver is ignored. If the output capacitance is proportional to the driver size e.g. C out = α W for a given driver width, find a new optimal delay, size and spacing rule. 2. In the buffer paper, it is noted that inverter pairs (i.e. non-inverting buffers) seem to have better jitter behavior than do simple inverters. On the other hand, they are slower. Quantify the differ- ence in performance by finding time optimal solutions for driver sizing and spacing as follows: a. assuming minimum length, let the width of the first and second buffers be a and b respectively. Find an expression for the total delay given a,b, spacing and the wire parameters.
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