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Human Resource Management (MGT-501) Spring-2008 (AS#4) Q1. Rewards offered to labors involved in production, are categorized as; A. Salary B. Fringe benefits C. Wage D. Commission Q2 . The goal of pre-retirement educational programs is to; A. Improve job satisfaction B. Increase employee commitment C. Minimize medical claims from retirees D. Ease the transition from working life to retirement Q3 . Organizations put maximum effort in measuring performance of organizational people because; A. It makes procedures cost effective B. It helps in detecting the problems C. It leads to product innovation D. It assists in implementing new technology Q4 . Willingness, capacity & opportunity to perform are said to be; A. Performance outcomes B. Determinants of performance C. Performance appraisals D. Types of performance standards Q5 . One of the major barriers to career advancement experiencing by working ladies is; A. Difficulty in balancing work and family life B. Top management is usually male oriented C. Lack of educational opportunities D. Common perception that woman can not be better boss Q6 . Alternative work arrangements include all of the following EXCEPT ; A. Part-time work B. Flexible hours C. On-site child care D. Job sharing Q7 . Mr. Ahmed is a cashier and he feels dissatisfied at work. What best justifies this situation? A. His job may not be structured to suit his preferences B. It involves physical toughness C. It requires mental toughness D. It involves too much customer interaction Q8 . The _____ problem occurs when supervisors tend to rate all their subordinates consistently high. A. Central tendency B. Leniency C. Strictness D. Halo effect Q9 . The relationship between critical incident method & BARS (behaviorally anchored rating scale) is; A. No relationship exists B. Different methods to evaluate performance C. Both are similar PA methods D. Comparison method is used for PA, while BARS is related to training evaluation Q10 . What is another term for 360-degree feedback? A. Feedback loop B. Multi-source assessment C. Upward feedback D. Circle feedback 1
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Q11 . Standards are established to; A. Achieve desired outcomes B. Meet legal compliance C. Achieve competitive advantage D. Promote goodwill in market Q12 . The point method to evaluate job is an extension of; A. Ranking method B. Factor comparison method C. Classification method D. Point factor method Q13 . Job evaluation is based on the; A. Physical skills required by the job B. Relative job worth for an organization C. Complexity of the job to perform D. Conceptual skill required by the job Q14 . Who is in the best position to observe and evaluate an employee’s performance for the purposes of a performance appraisal? A. Peers
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Mgt501+MCQs - Human Resource Management(MGT-501...

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