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Ch4_ClassExamples_Feb2010 - amount of polymer in the...

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A liquid mixture containing 45.0% benzene (B) and 55.0% toluene (T) by mass is fed to a distillation column. A product stream leaving the top of the column ( overhead product) contains 95.0 mole% B and a bottom product stream contains 8.0% of the benzene fed to the column. The volumetric flow rate of the feed stream is 2000 L/h and the SG for mixture is 0.872. Determine the mass flow rate of the overhead product stream and the mass flow rate and composition (mass fraction) of the bottom product stream. A liquid adhesive, which is used to make laminated boards, consists of a polymer dissolved in a solvent. The
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Unformatted text preview: amount of polymer in the solution has to be carefully controlled for this application. • When the supplier of the adhesive receives an order for 3000 kg of an adhesive solution containing 13 wt % polymer, all it has on hand is (1) 500 kg of a 10 wt % solution, (2) a very large quantity of a 20 wt % solution, and (3) pure solvent. • Calculate the weight of each of the three stocks that must be blended together to fill the order. Use all of the 10 wt % solution....
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