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lecture2_program_fundamentals - Programming Fundamentals...

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9/27/2010 1 Ò Programming Fundamentals Thinking About Programming Ò Roles of the programmer and the robot Ò Programmer: responsible for identifying the task, planning out a solution, then explaining to the robot what it needs to do to reach the goal Ò Robot: responsible for following the instructions it is given and carrying out the plan. the robot only follows the program, it does not think for itself Ò How do we make the robot do what we want? Ò Humans use programming languages to communicate with the robots. Instructions written with these languages are called programs Ò We are using RobotC Planning and Behaviors Ò Begin thinking about the robot’s actions in terms of behaviors Ò First, formulate a plan for the robot to reach the goal Ò Then, translate that plan into a program that the robot can follow Ò The plan will be the sequence of behaviors that the robot needs to follow. The program will be these behaviors translated into a program using the programming language Ò Examine problem Ò Make a broad solution Ò Try to see what the robot needs to do to accomplish the goal Ò Break solution into smaller behaviors Ò Eventually, you’ll reach commands that you can express directly in the programming language
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9/27/2010 2 Planning and Behaviors Ò Because the steps are still written in English, they should be relatively easy to understand for the
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lecture2_program_fundamentals - Programming Fundamentals...

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