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I believe the biggest contributor to my weight is stress and laziness. When I was enlisted in the Air Force for 6 years they pride themselves on physical fitness. I lost that urge to continue with that regimen once I got out. Severe stress problems came after that due to life complications. Life’s problems came one after another while I was at trying to keep up with my body weight by not eating as much, but that didn’t work out to well. I was too depressed to work out so I tried to remedy that by eating. By eating so much and gaining weight I started to become lazy. I even gotten to a point where people thought that I was a different person because of the attitude change I had. Before that time I was a very laughable, easy going, laid back type of guy. At that point of my life I was very dark and didn’t laugh as much because I had a family and didn’t know how to support them because of the decrease
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Unformatted text preview: in jobs. So being depressed was an understatement for me. So I spoke with my pastor and he suggested I pray and start getting active again. He also suggested if none of that worked then maybe I needed to see a psychiatrist for anti-depressants. Then he came back to counter his own suggestion by saying the Lord will fix any problems I may have. I thought that was a bit contradictive on his part. Well speaking with the pastor became more therapeutic than I thought. As we cycled through what was stressing me he came up with physical alternatives for me. He told me working out will help me think better. Of course I wasnt trying to hear that, but I tried it and it worked. I went back to working out to help me relieve stress and deal with my struggles better....
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