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1 Microeconomic Theory Economics 100B – Winter 2010 TR 12:30 – 1:45pm, IV THEA1 SYLLABUS Instructor: Zachary Grossman grossman[at] Office: NH 3049 Office Hours: W 12-2pm Course Homepage: Teaching Assistants: Emmon Chu echu[at] Office: NH 2041 OH: W 10am – 12pm Stefanie Fischer stefaniejfischer[at] Office: NH 2039 OH: F 3:30 – 5:30 James Green-Armytage armytage[at] Office: NH 2015 OH: R 3 – 5pm Julian Neira neira[at] Office: NH 2041 OH: W 2-4pm Bonnie Queen queen[at] Office: NH 2047 OH: M 9 – 11am Kevin Welding welding[at] Office: NH 2043 OH: M 10am – 12pm Course Overview and Objectives: This course continues where Econ 100A left off, training you in the key principles of microeconomic theory. We will make the leap from the individual consumer and production decisions studied in 100A to analyzing how consumers and producers exchange goods. We’ll focus on markets in equilibrium, how they work, and when/how/why they fail. The goal of the course is to develop your skills at solving problems using theory and prepare you to reason about microeconomic questions with careful, systematic analysis. The emphasis in this course is on reasoning and understanding, not memorization. The skills and methods you learn will find repeated application in further economics
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