chap1 - MSCI 211 – Organizational Behaviour Chapter 1 –...

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Unformatted text preview: MSCI 211 – Organizational Behaviour Chapter 1 – What is Organizational Behaviour? Defining Organizational Behaviour- Organizational Behaviour : is a field of study that investigates how individuals, groups, and structure affect and are affected by behaviour with in organizations; the aim is to apply such knowledge toward improving organizational effectiveness.- Behaviour: what people do in the organization, how they perform, and what their attitudes are OB is for everyone- OB is not just for manager, many employees have informal leadership roles- Example: employees in some retail stores can make decisions about when to accept returned items on their own without involving the manager.- OB applies equally well to all situations in which you interact with others- OB is relevant anywhere that people come together and share experiences, work on goals, or meet to solve problems. What do we mean by Organization?- Organization: A consciously coordinated social unit, made up of a group of people, that functions on a relatively continuous basis to achieve common goals OB: Making Sense of Behaviour in Organizations The Building Blocks of OB- Psychology, sociology, social psychology, anthropology and political science The Rigour of OB- OB Looks at Consistencies • Behaviour is generally predictable, and the systematic study of behaviour is a means to making reasonably accurate predictions...
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chap1 - MSCI 211 – Organizational Behaviour Chapter 1 –...

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