Esam 4 fall 2010

Esam 4 fall 2010 - ACCOUNTING 3300 EXAM 4 Last name First...

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ACCOUNTING 3300 EXAM 4 Last name, First name (Please print): The last accounting joke for you How do you know someone is an accounting major? 1.Their left arm is longer than their right arm from carrying their "Intermediate Accounting" textbook. 2.Their idea of a hot date is discussing the implementation details of accounting standards. 3.Their idea of having fun is making up jokes about MBA students. 4.They write notes to their "sweetheart" on 8-column paper. 5. When asked what time it is, they respond: 10:25 a.m. and 32 seconds; no. .. 34 seconds, no. .. 36 seconds, no. ... 6.They have an inferiority complex, they always feel "depreciated". 7.They try to open a "T" account at the local bank. 8.They arrange their wardrobe by colour. 9.They can’t wait to finish this exam Good luck, think hard. 1
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1) Which of the following purposes is served by information system documentation? a) To facilitate understanding of a system and to improve that system. b) To train personnel. c) By auditors, to evaluate a system's controls. d) All of the above. 2) In a control matrix for an inventory system, the operations system effectiveness goals (i.e., system goals) could include all of the following except for a) Maintaining a sufficient inventory level to prevent stockouts. b) Maintaining a sufficient inventory level to minimize operational disruptions. c) Protecting the physical security of the inventory asset. d) Minimizing the cost of carrying inventory. 3) A data entry clerk was in the process of inputting a batch of 50 shipping notices. While the clerk took a coffee break, a gust of wind blew two of the notices into the wastebasket. As a result of entering only the other 48 documents, the information will lack a) Accuracy. b) Completeness. c) Validity. d) Verifiability. 4) In a logical DFD for the general ledger/financial reporting (GL/FR) system, which of the following processes normally would not update the general ledger master file? a) Record budget. b) Post feeder system transactions. c) Record adjustments. d) Prepare financial statements. 5) Which file is most likely to contain control accounts? a) General ledger master file b) Customer master file c) Inventory master file d) Accounts receivable master file 6) Once a customer order has been validated by checking the customer's credit and verifying inventory availability, the process of completing a sales order, usually would produce which of the following data flows? a) Customer acknowledgement. b) A notice to the Inventory system to allocate or reduce inventory on hand c) Picking ticket. d) Packing slip. e) All of the above. 7) Which of the following normally would trigger the billing process in a Billing/Accounts Receivable/Cash Receipts system? a)
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Esam 4 fall 2010 - ACCOUNTING 3300 EXAM 4 Last name First...

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