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SYLLABUS ACCT 2100 SECTION 10 - INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING – FALL 2008 NOTE: This syllabus provides a general plan for the course. Deviations during the semester may be necessary. Instructor: Tracy Moore Section Number: 10 Classroom Location: BB152 Class Dates/Times: T/TH 8:00 – 9:15 pm Instructor Contact Information: Email in Web CT Vista or if vista is not available [email protected] Cell phone if an emergency (678)231-5532 Instructor Office Hours: By appointment only Course Description and Learning Objectives At the end of this three-credit hour class, the successful student will be able to: 1. Describe the format and content of the four financial statements. 2. Explain how financial information is used by and important to a variety of readers (creditors, suppli- ers, investors, employees, etc.). 3. Evaluate company results using financial statement information (e.g., ratio analysis). 4. Perform basic financial calculations designed to enhance analytical and decision making skills. The goal of the Coles College of Business is to provide a well-balanced education for each student. This puzzle illustrates the pieces that fit together to provide that balance. Assignments, quizzes and exams are designed to support the 4 learning objectives listed above and provide the balanced educational experience illustrated by this puzzle. The following chart shows details by each puzzle piece. Students demonstrate their analytical and decision-making skills through Graded Assignments. Critical Thinking Students identify the external forces that affect accounting and society’s need for information by completing Reading Assignments and demonstrate their knowledge through Quizzes and Exams. Ethics P-1
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Students demonstrate their ability to effectively communicate and interact with others through classroom discussions and Web CT Vista Classroom Discussion Board postings and responses . Interaction Students identify the external forces that affect accounting and society’s need for accounting information by completing Reading Assignments. Students demonstrate their knowledge through Quizzes and Exams. Perspectives Students demonstrate resource management by completing Graded Assignments, Quizzes and Exams within the stated timeframes. Resource Management Students use technology to improve personal productivity through Graded Assignments. Technology Students demonstrate their understanding of the format, content and use of financial statements and the effects of accounting treatments on financial results through Graded Assignments, Quizzes, and Tests. Discipline-Specific Knowledge COURSE PREREQUISITES Text Fundamental Financial Accounting Concepts, accompanied by Homework Manager access 6 th edition by Edmonds, Edmonds, McNair and Olds Published by McGraw-Hill Irwin This is a new version of the text, being used for the first time this semester. You may not use the INTERNATIONAL VERSION
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Acct+2100+Sec.10+Syllabus+Fall+08 - SYLLABUS ACCT 2100...

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