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ACC205 Week 2 Assignment - Week2Assignment1 Week 2...

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Week 2 Assignment     1 Week 2: Assignment: Financial Statement Case Darlene Solano ACC205: Principles of Accounting 1 Instructor Robert Carr October 2, 2010
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Week 2 Assignment     2 Week 2 Assignment: Financial Statement Case. The assignment for this week is titled “Financial Statement Case.” The financial records that we will be using for this assignment are based on The instructions for the assignment are quite simple. First we are to read chapters 3 and 4 in our textbook to understand the material we will be looking at for this assignment. Then we are to familiarize ourselves with Appendix A, found at the end of our textbook. By using the balance sheet we can familiarize ourselves with the company’s assets and liabilities in order to answer the following questions. 1: Which balance sheet format does use? uses the Classified Balance Sheet in Report Form. The answer to this question can be found in chapter 4 of our textbook. Our textbook explains that the classified balance sheet is used most (Horngren & Harrison, p. 208).
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ACC205 Week 2 Assignment - Week2Assignment1 Week 2...

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