Voucher System - Ashlyn Shupe October 5th 2010...

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Ashlyn Shupe October 5 th , 2010 Macroeconomics Most will agree, and myself that our public schools are in desperate need of help and children are paying the price. A vouchers system can help, such a system will empower parents by providing choices in deciding what schools their children may attend. This choice to parents comes in the form of a voucher in a predetermined sum. So whichever school the parents prefer, they will be able to send there child to that one place. Which benefit’s the children because they will get a better education with the better school that there parents pick out for them. The voucher amount represents tax dollars already being collected from citizens and used for education . Parents will receive a voucher and present it to the school of their choice. The state pays a specific dollar amount per student to each school, a voucher system will not impact the budget amount allocated for education; but will simply allow these tax dollars to be placed in the school of the parent’s choice. It is believed that by allowing children to attend a public or private school of choice the quality of education along with the opportunity to achieve success will increase. Vouchers will infuse more funds into public schools with no increase in taxes.
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Voucher System - Ashlyn Shupe October 5th 2010...

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