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Unformatted text preview: EXAM REVIEW SHORT ANSWERS: REDUCE UNCERTAINTY ABOUT THREE KEY QUESTION 1. What’s going on? - The purpose of the talk, are we going to get through this conversation smoothly, without embarrassment, loss of face, or major disagreement 2. Who am I to you and who are you to me in this situation?- You are particularly conscious of this when you first meet someone. It still occurs in the background processing of your mind, even when you are not conscious of it, in every conversation. This relationship gets negotiated through the course of the conversation as things happen. 3. What is going to happen next?- Are we going to do something together (instrumental) , or connect in the moment (relational)? Finding out what we are going to do next shapes our communication in that moment. INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION MODEL- The self feedback loop: (6 people in a two-person conversation) - Look at the model of encoding, decoding, competence, noise, feedback…- Know the definitions Defining IP communication:- IP communication is a process- Whereby 2 or more people within a particular context- Who are aware of each other- Act together to create, sustain and manage meanings- Through the sending and receiving messages- Using both socially shared verbal symbols and biologically shared non-verbal symptoms and symbols MORE EFFECTIVE EXPRESSION OF EMTION- Accurately describe them- Identify reasons for your feelings...
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