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CIT 520 Weekly Topics c4 - 800-14 4 List and describe four...

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Zayed University College of Information Technology CIT 520 Information Security Management Weekly Topics Chapter # 4 Due Sunday November 21, 6 :00 pm Chapter 4 – Information Security Policy Review Questions 1. List and describe the three guidelines for sound policy, as stated by Bergeron and Bérubé. 2. Are policies different from standards? In what way? Are policies different from procedures? In what way? 3. List and describe the three types of information security policy as described by NIST SP
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Unformatted text preview: 800-14. 4. List and describe four elements that should be present in the Enterprise Information Security Policy. Exercise 1. Using the Internet and a browser, go to the International Information Systems Security Certifications Consortium Web site ( and look for the information security common body of knowledge (CBK). What are the areas addressed in the CBK? Was policy listed?...
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