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Elvis_Notes,_Test_4 - Something 08/70 Elvis is back in Las...

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Something 08/70: Elvis is back in Las Vegas filmed live for documentary: Elvis - That’s the Way It Is o “Something” o - George Harrison song from Beatle days - Elvis introduces song - wah-wah elec. guitar is ‘70s sound - tambourine, vocal pads - more Millie K.! - full orchestra + Elvis’s rhythm section o “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ ” o - Righteous Bros. hit - bass intro, simple ac. guitar - strong Elvis vocal - thick texture at chorus - dynamic arrangement - blatty bass trombone! - free Elvis and backup vocals at end o ‘Men With Broken Hearts’ o - Hank Williams lyrics - quoted by Elvis as poem - no vocals or accompaniment o “Heartbreak Hotel” o - more relaxed version than ’56 hit - bluesy feel, great ac. piano fills - elec. guitar solo - organ with vibrato 09/70: Elvis starts next tour in Phoenix 09/70: Elvis records in Nashville o “Snowbird” o - Anne Murray hit - C&W Pop song - thick texture- vocals & strings o “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” o - Jerry Lee Lewis ’57 hit - blues song form - driving drums, up tempo R&R - low Elvis vocal at end, builds to a frenzy 12/70: Elvis flies to Washington, D.C.- o - visits F.B.I. headquarters and Pres. Nixon
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o - gets official D.E.A. badge Lady Madonna 03/71: Elvis records in Nashville o “Amazing Grace” o Gospel hymn, redone with blues tinge waltz tempo, med. slow vocal pads & organ- churchy sound bluesy piano fills o “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” o Roberta Flack ’72 #1 hit Elvis phrases freely med. tempo Pop ballad strings & vocal pads wordless vocal middle section 05/71: Elvis back in studio o “Lady Madonna” o Beatles hit informal Elvis recording unreleased version Elvis ad libs vocals harmonica fills o “I Shall Be Released” o Bob Dylan song short, informal recording Elvis’s vocals are upfront in mix Elvis talks at the end o “I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen” o traditional Irish ballad Elvis on piano & vocal no others perform unreleased version dynamic Elvis vocal with vibrato
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Elvis_Notes,_Test_4 - Something 08/70 Elvis is back in Las...

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