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10/10/10 And, Here are email questions (about the homework due Monday) I’ve Q1: For number 3 on the homework due Monday, I agree with the second choice stating that the citric acid cycle needs oxygen directly in order to function, but I am not sure if the electron transport chain needs oxygen directly as well because it moves electrons from the coenzymes NADH and FADH2 to the reduced molecular oxygen atom. A1: Actually, the citric acid cycle does not use O2 directly - there are no reactions in that cycle that use up oxygen. The O2 that is used up in aerobic respiration is only used directly as the last electron acceptor in the electron transport chain. Q2: My other question concerns question 10 about the function of yeast cells. I have found that yeast cells undergo alcohol fermentation to produce ATP, but I since yeast cells are noticed to function during aerobic and anaerobic respiration, I am unsure if they produce more ATP from the pyruvate source
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Unformatted text preview: or if it is noted that they use roughly 15 times more glucose in the anaerobic environment. A2: Several students have asked about this question. First let me steer you away from one incorrect response - in fermentation there is NO further production of ATP from pyruvate. So, cells produce ATP during glycolysis and pyruvate is the carbon chain product of glycolysis. But in anaerobic respiration that's the end of ATP production. The steps after pyruvate are simply for the purpose of restoring oxidized NAD. Now think about the fact that all the yeast cells need a certain amount of ATP to function, whether they are doing aerobic or anaerobic respiration. Yet, aerobic produces much more ATP/glucose than anaerobic. So, if they go anaerobic (just glycolysis and fermentation) they have to burn much more glucose to get the same amount of ATP for their needs....
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