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Assignment _1 -- Drinking and Driving F10

Assignment _1 -- Drinking and Driving F10 - Assignment#1...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment #1 - Drinking and Driving Drinking Due next Thursday, Sept 9th Remember: This is a homework assignment in a college class. Remember: Do Not “cut and paste” – use your own words! Do Cite all Sources! Cite What can you find out about driving and drinking? *Find a website or other resource and get as much information as you can about drinking and driving. Cite all information (in other words, let me know where you got it – web address driving. or other sources). For example: 1. What is the legal BAC limit in Arizona? In your home state? 1. 2. What is the limit for an “extreme” DUI? 3. Currently, what are the possible penalties for the various DUI violations? 4. What other driving-related violations are possible with respect to alcohol? 5. What are the recent alcohol-related death-rates in AZ? In US? 6. Recent arrest rates for alcohol violations in AZ? In US? 7. What information can you find about the controversy concerning use of the breathalyzer? breathalyzer? 8. Have you or “a friend” ever been stopped for a DUI? If so, what happened? What was the penalty? What *Neatly typed, proof-read *Number your answers – this is NOT an essay. Number NOT *Cite all sources so we can find the information you give us. It’s best to include your source with each question instead of listing all of them at the end. That way, we’ll know which sources each pertain to each question. pertain ...
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