Assignment _2 - Harm Reduction and Methadone F10-1

Assignment _2 - Harm Reduction and Methadone F10-1 -...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework Assignment #2 – due Tuesday, Oct 19 due JUS 222: Drugs and Justice Fall 2010 What can you find out about harm reduction programs and methadone reduction clinics? clinics Find a website or other resource and get Find as much information as you can about harm reduction programs (as they relate to drugs) and methadone clinics. methadone Cite all information (in other words, let me Cite know where you got it – web address or other sources). You’ll want to address the following: You’ll 1. Besides methadone clinics, what other harm reduction 1. Besides strategies have been proposed or implemented in the U.S.? strategies How about in other countries? Why do you think we (Americans) have trouble seeing the value of Why harm reduction efforts? harm 2. 3. 3. What is methadone? What Methadone clinics are very controversial in the U.S. What Methadone can you find out about them? • What is the purpose of methadone clinics? What are the benefits of methadone treatment? What are the costs (the negative side)? 4. What do you, personally, think about harm reduction What efforts, in general, and methadone clinics, specifically? Based on what you’ve learned, what’s your opinion? Based Find as much information as you can. Remember: This is a homework assignment in a college class! assignment Sloppy work will be graded accordingly Do Not “cut and paste” – use your own words! Do Your paper must be approximately 2 pages long, Your typed and proof-read! All sources must be cited so we can find the All information you give us. information Number your answers – this is not an essay. Number not Please turn your paper in on time. We will Please accept no emailed papers. no ...
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