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Unformatted text preview: trates this relationship? 4. (2 points) An object, tied to a string, moves in a circle at constant speed as shown. The direction of its velocity and acceleration at point W is: a) →, ↓ b) →, ↑ c) ←, ↓ d) ←, ↑ e) ←, ← 5. (2 points) A girl wishes to swim across a river to a point directly opposite as shown. She can swim at 2 m/s in still water and the river is flowing at 1 m/s. At what angle θ with respect to the line joining the starting and finishing points should she swim? a) 30° b) 45° c) 60° d) 63° e) 90° 6. (2 points)You deserve to have an easy question on this exam because: a) You are awesome. b) You actually came to take the exam. c) You love Big Bang Theory as much as Dorina does. d) You have to tolerate Dorina in class. 7. A time dependent force F = ( −3) i + 2t j (in N), is exerted on a 2 kg object initially at rest. a) Calculate the magnitude of the acceleration of the object at t = 2 seconds. (4 points) b) Calculate the x and y components of the velocity at t = 2 seconds. (4 points) c) Calculate the magnitude and direction of the object’s velocity at t = 2 se...
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