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Unformatted text preview: it for full credit. No shown work, no credit! Wherever needed, take the gravitational acceleration to be g = 10 m/s2. Relax, read carefully, think – and then read everything again. During the exam, if you have questions please raise your hand and the TA or the instructor will come to you and provide help. 1. (2 points) A car accelerates from rest on a straight road. A short time later, the car decelerates to a stop and then returns to its original position in a similar manner, by speeding up and then slowing to a stop. Which of the following five coordinate versus time graphs best describes the motion? (2 points) 2. (2 points) An object is shot vertically upward. While it is rising: a) its velocity and acceleration are both upward b) its velocity is upward and its acceleration is downward c) its velocity and acceleration are both downward d) its velocity is downward and its acceleration is upward e) its velocity and acceleration are both decreasing 3. (2 points) Vectors a, b, and c , are related by c = b − a . Which diagram below illus...
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