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Study Guide – Exam #1 JS 222: Drugs and Justice Dr. Henderson – Fall 2010 Drug Intro Why do we take drugs? (4 reasons) Order of consumption worldwide Most commonly used legal/illegal drug(s) Drug Use and the Body Classic Addiction Withdrawal symptoms Psychological dependency/reinforcing Causes of continued use Potential for causing psychological dependence Non-compulsive drug users The drugs of abuse Most commonly abused prescription drugs “Pharmacology” Drugs Actions, Drug Effects – know the difference between these two! Factors that influence a drug’s effects (Know them!) Drug mixing relationships (additive, synergistic, etc.) ED and LD Chapter 1: An Introduction to Drug Use and Abuse *Signs of Dependence *Definitions of Psychoactive Drug *Licit/illicit drugs – recreational/instrumental use *Drug Mixing *Route of Administration *Elimination *Gender and Alcohol *Asians and Alcohol ED50/ED100 LD50/LD100 DAWN Ma huang Drug Legislation The Opium Wars
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