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hw #2 - Question 1 Question 1 1 A prokaryotic cell...

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Unformatted text preview: Question 1 Question 1 1. A prokaryotic cell does not have a ____ or _____ Answer A. B. C. D. E. nucleus; DNA nucleus; ribosomes nucleus; membranes cell wall; membranes 0.1 points Question 2 Question 2 1. At which one of these structures is the primary structure of all proteins formed? Answer A. Rough ER B. Smooth ER C. Ribosome D. Golgi E. Lysosome 0.1 points Question 3 Question 3 1. Lysosomes are important to eukaryotic cells because they contain Answer A. photosynthetic pigments B. C. D. Starch molecules for energy storage their own DNA molecules the cells’ waste materials E. 0.1 points digestive enzymes Question 4 Question 4 1. Proteins that are transported in vesicles mare made by Answer A. the Golgi apparatus B. C. D. Ribosomes within the mitochondrion The smooth endoplasmic reticulum Ribosomes on the rough endoplasmic reticulum E. Ribosomes within chloroplasts 0.1 points Question 5 Question 5 1. Which type of organelle is found in animal cells but not typically in plant cells? Answer A. Ribosomes B. Mitochondria C. Chloroplasts D. Lysosomes E. more than one of these 0.1 points Question 6 Question 6 1. Which type of organelle is typically found in plant cells but not animal cells? Answer A. Ribosomes B. Mitochondria C. Chloroplasts D. Lysosomes E. More than one of these 0.1 points Question 7 Question 7 1. Which of the following is NOT part of the endomembrane system? Answer A. Chloroplast B. Golgi apparatus C. lysosome D. Rough ER E. Smooth ER 0.1 points Question 8 Question 8 1. The rough ER is the portion of the ER that: Answer A. B. C. Has ribosomes attached to it D. Is connected to the Golgi apparatus E. 0.1 points Lacks ribosomes Is the site of steroid synthesis Question 9 Question 9 1. Ribosomes are NOT found in Answer A. B. C. D. E. 0.1 points Mitochondria Chloroplasts The rough endoplasmic reticulum Prokaryotic cells The Golgi apparatus Question 10 Question 10 1. Contraction of which of the following is responsible for movement of attached organelles inside cells? Answer A. Microfilaments B. Intermediate filaments C. Microtubules D. Plasma membrane E. Organelle membrane Homework questions to be answered on Blackboard before your discussion section meeting on September 20 ­21. Dr. Buskirk's question session will be Monday, Sept 20, 5 ­6 pm in PAI 2.48. Dr. Buskirk will answer questions at the study tables Monday evening: 7:30 pm at Jester, and 8:30 pm at Kinsolving. Buskirk extended office hours on Tuesday, Sept 21, 10 ­1 in PAI 3.04 office. ...
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