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Chapter 19 HW - Chapter 19 Confidence Intervals for...

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Chapter 19: Confidence Intervals for Proportions 19.HE.A: Page 505, # 16 a.) (.02235, .02501) p = .02368 n = 50,000 b.) It looks like that the percentage of acceptance is a little bit over 2%, so I think that it is worth the expense for the campaign. 19.HE.B: Page 505, # 20 The city council can only make a conclusion that the people who showed up do not approve of the prison. This is only a convenience sample because not the whole town’s population is represented in the 183 residents who showed up to the city council 19.HE.C: Page 506 - 507, # 32 a.) The parameter that is being estimated is the amount of legal music in all students. The population is 117,079 songs. The sample size is the 168 students. b.) Independence Assumption: Results don’t influence each other Randomization Condition: All 168 students were collected at random 10% Condition: The sample represents less than 10% of the population of students Success / Failure Condition: We are able to get 10 successes and 10 failures
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