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Chapter 14: From Randomness to Probability 14.HE.A: Page 379, # 6 The radio announcer is trying to say is that both the weather in autumn and the weather in winter are not independent or disjoint. The weather condition in one season affects the other. 14.HE.B: Page 380, # 12 The probabilities that are plausible all add up to a whole number of 1. The answers are A, C, and E 14.HE.C: Page 382, # 34 a.) The blood types are disjoint because they cannot share the same results. The blood types are not
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Unformatted text preview: independent because after we select an individual, it alters the probabilities. 14.HE.D: Page 382, # 32 a.) The probability of having a type AB blood is 45% The probability of having Type A or Type B is 55% The probability of not having Type O is 35% b.) The probability of all having type O is .0150% The probability of no one having Type AB is 55% The probability of not all having type AB is 45% The probability of at least one person having Type B is .687%...
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