Individual Assignment for Global Business

Individual Assignment for Global Business - Khuram Javed...

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Khuram Javed 1145465 1) Using your understanding of Global Business Environment (Chap, 1,2,4,5,6), select a country you believe today would suit the expansion plans of this company. Provide details on the factors from your lessons learned thus far that guided you to make the decision. Before we decide what country to move to, we must understand the concept of globalization. This concept was discussed in the first chapter of the textbook. According to text, globalization is an ongoing process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a globe-spanning network of communication and trade. Since there are so many different factors in choosing a country to open up a business in, we must be very careful on where we choose to open our office. I think that the best country for the Company XYZ to open an office is in Poland. There are many factors as to why I believe opening an office in Poland will be beneficial to our company. The main thing to consider when moving to your company into a different country is the cost of labor. Since the cost of human resources is the largest for a company, the cost of labor is very important. According to the CIA fact book, workers in Poland work on average for $7 to $14 an hour. This amount is the same for many different professions. This is very important because the company can save money when hiring employees. We could move the company to China because of cheap labor, but there are other things to consider when we open up an office. The government and laws of the country have to be looked at also before just going in and start doing business. China has cheap labor but
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Individual Assignment for Global Business - Khuram Javed...

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